Friday, March 13, 2009

1994 National Champs

Last Sunday we went to the Razorback Basketball game vs. Georgia. Actually, it's a good thing Brain's mother called on Saturday to see what we were doing because we were getting ready to go to the game, and she reminded us that it was on Sunday! God works in mysterious ways!
So, we took a few pictures while we were there. They opened Bud Walton Arena at noon for autographs from the 94 Champs, and we got there around 1:00 b/c Brian has some un-cut basketball cards of that team he wanted signed. Well, it didn't happen! The line actually wrapped around the stadium! It was crazy! Brian was a little bummed. It was a great game and Coach Richardson did a great half-time speech... I was shocked when I learned that one of the 94 champs got released from jail to come to this special game... I think it was for not paying his child support. Thta's just sad! Oh, well! Oh, and I am soooo happy that I now have 2 followers of this blog... You never know if anybody is reading what you write! Thanks so much! :)

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