Friday, March 13, 2009

1994 National Champs

Last Sunday we went to the Razorback Basketball game vs. Georgia. Actually, it's a good thing Brain's mother called on Saturday to see what we were doing because we were getting ready to go to the game, and she reminded us that it was on Sunday! God works in mysterious ways!
So, we took a few pictures while we were there. They opened Bud Walton Arena at noon for autographs from the 94 Champs, and we got there around 1:00 b/c Brian has some un-cut basketball cards of that team he wanted signed. Well, it didn't happen! The line actually wrapped around the stadium! It was crazy! Brian was a little bummed. It was a great game and Coach Richardson did a great half-time speech... I was shocked when I learned that one of the 94 champs got released from jail to come to this special game... I think it was for not paying his child support. Thta's just sad! Oh, well! Oh, and I am soooo happy that I now have 2 followers of this blog... You never know if anybody is reading what you write! Thanks so much! :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Daddy

Well, my daddy turned 54 this week! He is the best man, ever! I have sooo many stories about how he has went out of his way to help people! Like, when we were coming home from Little Rock one weekend when I was at UCA. They hadn't opened up the new I540, so we had to take the dreaded curvy Hwy 71 through Mountainburg! Well, we come upon a huge curve and an elderly woman was practically in the street looking for something. We had to stop and park on the side of the road, approach her, (she was scared b/c 2 stragers were approaching her!) and my dad asked if she was ok. Come to find out, she had dropped her key to her house somewhere in the yard. Poor lady! So, he looked and looked and they finaly found it. That is the kind of man my dad is. He is a man of God, made sure I was involved in my church, and the day that I asked Jesus Christ into my heart, he had his shoes off in church, struggled to get them on, and took me to the front of the church.
So, we had his b-day party this week at my house. My brother and his new girlfriend, my sister, and my dad's parents all came. It was fun. Luke was right in the middle of things, as usual! Here are the pics! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long time, no post!!

Oh my goodness! I have been wanting to post something so badly, but I had forgotten my password! And, for some reason, I could not get to the page to reset it! Finally, I tried again today and it let me change it! I was amazed! So... Since I haven't posted since Sept, you would think I have some huge news or something... Well, the biggest thing that comes to mind is that we have been attending Key Point Church in Bentonville right behind the Post Office and we LOVE it! We have been visiting churches for years it seems like, and haven't really felt "at home there". At KPC, we fit in, and love going there. Their children's church, or G-Force as they call it, is awesome. Luke can't wait to go there every Sunday so I don't have the little devil sitting on my shoulders saying, "Oh, Sarah, Luke will be miserable! It's not worth it!" Not any more! Pasor Casey is such a great speaker and he preaches on real issues with the biblical principles to back it up. That is what I feel I need right now... It's amazing....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mini-Mounties Cross Country Race

Run, Run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm Luke Jewell!! On Tuesday after school, Luke ran in the Mini-Mounties Race with our school. I really thought that since he was running around everywhere before the race with his buddy, he would come in dead last!! But, as always, he proved me wrong! Out of around75 K-2nd graders in the district, Luke came in about 20th. I think that's darn great!! He has been practicing after school for a couple of weeks now, running around the track at school. I need to take after him and get my lazy bootie out there with him! :)

Hogs, Hogs, and more Hogs!!

Well, another fun, fun Razorback game!! NOT!! We had fun with Grannie Lynne and Pa Paw Jim, Grandma Paula and Pa Paw Danny tailgating, but other than that, the game was SUCH a let down! It was a beautiful day and our seats, for the most part, were in the shade. Right after half time, the sun was in our faces and it was HOT!!! After the game, Lynne, Aunt KK, Luke and I went to my fav store ever!! Target! I am soooo excited about the one in Rogers opening soon! Their shoes are awesome and I love their clothes! And, who can forget their fall and halloween accessories?? I hope no one does!! I had a great weekend of shopping with my mother in law, Lynne, and my sis in law, Karen. We also tried out Keypoint Church in Bentonville... Pastor Casey is such a wonderful speaker. I am so excited about going this Sunday. As for the Razorbacks, we'll keep our fingers crossed for the game vs. Texas!! I am not a fair wather fan, but I have my doubts about this one!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We love the Razorbacks!

Fall+Arkansas Football= My favorite time of the year! We go to all the games and we love every minute of it. Tailgating and all! Here are some pics from the 1st game of the season vs. Western Illinois. John and Nazy were in from LA and they hadn't seen Luke for a couple of years... Need less to say, Luke loved horsing around with John! Go Hogs!!

My Family

I know... Luke looks just like his daddy! I agree. When he was born, my mother in law looked at him, and said, "Oh my, he looks exactly like Brian did when he was born!" It was true! And, from that day on, that is what I hear everywhere we go. Good thing my husband is so good looking!!:)